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sukanto Kuri
Jul 14, 2022
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Five thousand years of civilization development has accumulated profound cultural heritage for us, and traditional graphic culture is an important part of it. In order to let Chinese culture get its due recognition all over the world, many graphic designers have integrated traditional graphic culture into their works, contributing to the globalization of Chinese culture. Graphics play an important role in graphic design. It can make graphic design work vivid and carry the soul of graphic design work. Traditional graphics are often regarded as cultural symbols of works in modern graphic design. To make works have cultural heritage, the integration of traditional graphic culture is very important. 1. The connotation of traditional Chinese graphics (1) Photo Manipulation Services Representing faith In ancient social life, human beings have the inheritance of totem worship and use it to show their belief and reverence for nature. In primitive society, each tribe had their special totem patterns or buildings. These totems are based on the things in life or the images derived from these things. They are the beliefs and worship of the tribe. At the same time, these totems are also symbols and signs of protecting the tribe. These totems also facilitate the tribal leaders to manage the tribe. The phoenix is ​​a well-known ancient totem. According to literature records, the phoenix has five colors of feathers, and the appearance is very beautiful. The five-colored feathers on the phoenix represent faith, righteousness, benevolence, virtue, and obedience. Therefore, the phoenix has the ability to protect the world. As long as the phoenix appears in the world, it means the world is peaceful. So the image of the phoenix has become the ideological sustenance for people to express their desire for a happy life. (2) Representing ideas For thousands of years, the thinking of Chinese people has undergone many changes, but after countless precipitations, the cultural and psychological structure of the Chinese nation has finally been constructed under the influence of the three major ideologies of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. People's social life also operates with this psychological structure as the core.
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